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We clean kitchens and hood Extractions issuing Tr19 for fans, filters & ducts in Edinburgh,

Livingston, bathgate, airdrie, glasgow, broxburn, stirling, fife, west end, Dumfirmline

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 Overnight Kitchen Cleaning

 We fit  Extract Duct Access Panels


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 We issue TR19 Certificates

 Steam Cleaning of Premises

"Great service and very professional"                                                                                                                                            Regional Director of Hotel Chain

"I never believed I would see that bit of stainless looking that clean again"                                                        Restaurant Manager Stockbridge

​​Kitchen Deep Clean - Extraction Duct & Fan TR19 Cleaning                                                        



Here at PWR we are Restaurant industry specialists with years of Fast food retail experience. We use professional Industry spec Matrix steam cleaners with multiple attachments along side 3000w wet vac systems. We will take all our rubbish with us in the end and leave the site smelling super fresh and looking great. But it's not just food Industry; Schools, Factories, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Care homes all have kitchens and ducting that need regular cleaning inspection. 

Law now stipulate that ducting must be cleaned and a TR19 certificate issued each 3,6 or 12 months depending on level of kitchen activity. The grease build up in ducting can explode casusing a massive fire. A fire that would not be covered by your insurer if they could show you were negligent in not getting the ducts cleaned. Business's have been bankrupted by not understanding this until too late. Why is TR19 needed? Lets ask the fire brigade.

With Kitchen deep cleans we can complete full oven clean,deep fat fryers, fridges, tiles, floors, roofs, grills leaving your kitchen germ free, smelling fresh and most important Enviromental Health Agency legal. If required we are trained to install HVAC cleaning access panels to your ducting quickly and in the correct postions to maximise future inspection and cleaning..

We can work over night and at short notice. Sign up for a filter swap out or 2 year HVCA cleaning contract and we offer a free 24 HR advice line from myself an  ex-resteraunt operations manager experienced in leading a team of over 500. I have great experience of EHO expectation and working alongside them to meet compliance. Don't panic if they are unhappy-call us! (This is contract client exclusive offer)

We will attened with full cossh and risk assesment document to clean your 

Kitchen deep clean including fryers, ovens,floors, wallls, equipment

Extract and hood canopy cleaning, filter swap outs on a two week cleaning rotation (FREE 2nd pair provided by us) 

TR19 Compliance & certificate. Installation of access panels, internal HVAC duct cleaning, fan cleaning and all vents

We can provide cleaning checklists and other food industry documents.    Down load our FREE "30 takeaway tips that could save you £000's"

If you have a specific EHO notice issue, we can review the notice ,advise actions and help walk you through their expectations. Signing up for a two year duct or kitchen cleaning contract gets our undivided attention and commitment to help you not just get clean but get trading again. (One dosn't always follow the other- we'll supply the docs and advise processes to help you achieve clean and food /employee safe compliance