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FAQ's - PWR.ME.UK - driveway pressure wash 

Why is your system better than the kit I see at the DIY store?

The most expensive DIY system reaches only 1500 psi (pounds per sq inch pressure). Our Hyundai industrial unit delivers 3600 psi with 15 litres/min flow-rate.  Its flow that really matters. Imagine a feather hitting you at 100 mph then an elephant at the same speed.  Flow-rate  turns a powerful spray into the ultimate cleaner. 

Are you insured, trained & licenced?

Yes we are liability insured by a specialist commercial cleaning broker.  We pay to have a Scottish environmental protection agency  (SEPA) waste carrier licence. We are branded and fully equipped to do a great job for you while meeting our H&S & Community responsibilities

Do I need to sand after pressure washing a drive or patio?

Yes otherwise there is nothing to hold the blocks, slabs in place. We only do a full job. We use eco friendly infused weed resistant sand to add longer term value to our work. Another reason to choose us - we don't skimp on the materials we use or the systems we clean with.

Should I seal my drive after re-sanding?

It does look nice to start with but it is fiddly to do and open to cracking if the blocks move (which they are supposed to do) and we feel its not needed at all. Monoblock is supposed to be permeable so seal a large area and you will drain all the surface water off it onto your grass or your neighbours garden! We do not recommend.

Will it look perfectly new?

No because it isn't, however it will look brilliant and there will be no question about the difference from before to after.See our pics

How long will it last for?

Again we need to set a realistic expectation as if it never got dirty again you wouldn't be on this site. We would say that a yearly maintenance regime is needed to keep revisiting the best appearance of your hard surfaces.  Remember we can provide bio-cide weed killer infused into our sand to resist for longer; but ultimately we are high pressure cleaning with normal water onto something that is open to the  Scottish elements 24/7; so its not indefinite. 

How much will it cost?

We will provide  a competitive quote with  industry rates for pressure washing  currently around  £3.00 p sq m. However condition and surface effect clean time so we really need to see before we can quote fully. All jobs have different challenges and some can be completed very quickly.  However we know you need   some  price-range expectation before you contact us. We will be able to talk you through the accurate quote  on our site visitation. Our system will show you how its calculated & maybe we can discuss combo-deals for more value.  Remember Gutter-vac is a  chargeable  service for cleaning contractors (including us) but we'd rather provide it as a free complimentary service if you purchase one of our other services like a drive clean or a kitchen deep clean. Who else does that?

What's a combo-deal?

Every individual cleaning job is priced fairly to include travel,  setting up time and overhead.  By adding to the services you require from us we can remove those costs and provide an additional service just at labour cost. We can discuss upgrades when we give you a quote or you can wait to see how we are doing and ask on the job. Either way we will take  you though our automated pricing system to show savings on single job price. We promise to give at least 40% off any additional service*

You say you can do a great deal but are you the absolute cheapest?

No  we are not. We are the best and provide the ultimate guarantee and additional valuable free services. I could pass you on to a cheaper cleaning contractor  but ask them if they can match my offers. Our free  gutter-vac upgrade  is done to say thank you for trusting us with your business and your property. This is worth a minimum of £45 to you with most buildings more like a £75. 

What is refer a friend?

If you give us your email address after a job we will keep on our records. If any new customer quotes your email address on later jobs we will contact you and give you £10 shopping voucher a referral to say keep up the good work promoting us. Get us a commercial job and we  will reward you more. That's not all the customer quoting your email also gets 10% off final price.Sign up now and use the discount when you book us yourself!

Can you pressure clean at height for me?

Yes we can. we are PAL trained meaning we can use Cherry picker lifts. Working at height will be incorporated into any quote as its specialist job with specific equipment. See ushere doing the training on our IPAF course in Hamilton, Lankarshire

What about commercial customers? Do we get deals too?

Our Commercial client are our life blood and we absolutely will give a great deal. Be this a pressure wash or kitchen/duct steam clean we will give a break down of time and jobs to allow you to build the service package you want. The more we can do for you the bigger the discounts. If we have a multiple day full job quote lets negotiate you might be surprised at how much you can save. Alongside this we offer a unrivalled package of customer service- Great origional quote + your business first focus + little extras at no charge & finally we will return at no additional charge if we do not meet your expectation first time.

Do I need a water tap for residential?

For residential a tap would be great (but not essential) as its best to keep the supply close to the machine then run a long hose to the working area.  We also have a 1000l water but carried in the vehicles for when we have no access. For Karcher use, steam cleaner and Gutter vac we will need the premises to provide a 240v supply

Do I need to be in when you do the work

For Guttervac and Driveway cleaning then you don't need to be in. We would prefer you were for  back Garden work or if you have dogs. We don't want to upset neighbours or disturb animals.  Again access to a tap would be great but not essential. Our branded team and vehicles will not make your neighbour hood look tatty. Obviously we'd want to meet before hand to walk your request and check all is right   

Should I be worried that you'll "find" more work that needs doing such as replacement gutters, brickwork, roof tiles etc

Absolutely not. We don't provide any roofing, gutter & pipe fitting or block work installation.  We are purely a cleaning company. We may have contacts for commercial clients but any advice we give would be  professional  courtesy . WE MAY SUGGEST A  POSSIBLE COMBO-DEAL if we see an opportunity for you to save. No hard sell - this is a stress free experience.

If I'm unhappy with the service what should I do?

Tell us immediately as we need to know! We have our Residential customer service guarantee so unless we leave you happy we won't be charging you a penny. Give us the chance to put right and impress.

If I'm delighted with the service what can I do.?

Tell us immediately as need to know! Facebook us or write a testimonial for us. Find some new clients for refer a friend bonus. We'd love to know if we are doing well.