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We clean rain gutters using long reach gutter-vacuum poles and professional high reach ladders. Our Gutter vacuum delivers up to 3000W of power to suck debris away easily. We will unblock your flooding down pipes  using roding systems and even video our high reach Gutter clearance for inspection by insurers. We are very competitively priced and have multi-service super saving deals. Ring us to discuss more 

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Gutter Cleaning  "I need my gutters cleaned"   

Clean gutters in Edinburgh - Livingston - Falkirk -  Broxburn - West Lothian - Whitburn - Bathgate - Blackburn - Whitburn - Airdrie 


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We do not  install or paint  gutters, roofs, tiles or down pipes; so you can rest assured we will not be "finding" extra repair jobs to do on top of the gutter clean.  If we find anything that looks like an issue we will of course let you know and recommend a possible contractor who could advise. We can however replace and fix simple elements of existing damaged upvc gutters if requested by the client, such as cracked or loose gutter elements.

You'd be amazed what gets in your gutters over time. Have a look at the video here. How did all that stuff get in there? Using our camera we can  clean your gutters and show you what we did. For housing asscoiations or other commercial letting agencies this could be imperative for insurance purposes. We will provide the video evidence on a flash stick or email to show it was done. 

But why pay when you can get this service FREE? If you use one of our other services such as a patio clean or a commercial kitchen clean for example. We will clean your gutters at the end once final payment has been made to say a big thankyou for your business.*

​*Any gutter clean will be completed to the maximum safe and realistic standard possible. Final gutter clean level of completion will be decided by PWR to risk assessment criteria